So I've got a couple of takes on the Tyre Nichols murder.

1) If those five cops that killed Tyre were White, the country would have riots and burning buildings by now. Prove me wrong..

2) All of those cops should NOT be out on bail, they should be held as flight risks and I hope they are quickly found guilty and put in prison for the maximum amount of time.

3) We have a hate-crime modifier for crimes, and I'm 100% in favor of that, but we need a crime-committed-by-law-enforcement as well. Police have the heavy burden of enforcing law and order, but when they fuck up like this, (and these cops had PLENTY of time to get control of their emotions) there needs to be some kind of legal rider on criminal charges so that Police get additional prison time.

Can't control your ego? Understood, but you can't be a cop then.

4) Sky Cop, the camera system that was used to capture the beating in the neighborhood, is a system that Memphis (and other cities) use to surveil neighborhoods for crime. I have a problem with that overall, but that neighborhood didn't particularly look like the hood to me. Big Brother is here..

5) I hate that I'm right about the racial stuff, but you know I am. We will -never- get past race until we stop making race the main talking point. This story, and every other story that makes race a central feature, perpetuates the racial problem. Do you know what I got from this story? Simple "Five (and more than 5, I counted at least 10 in the SkyCam footage) Police Officers criminally assaulted, and ultimately caused the death of a man. The ex-officers have been charged with murder, and other charges and are in county jail where they will remain until their hearing." <- THIS would have focused on the crime, and how the aftermath is being handled. It shouldn't matter what race the victim was, and it shouldn't matter what race the criminals are. But we LOOOOVE a story that we can collectively get fired up about, you know, while we're sipping our $8 Starbucks while driving our big SUVs on the way back to our house with 1000 cable TV channels.