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Oct     20, 2019
My 9 year old thinks dressing up for Halloween is -for kids-, Kids these days have no idea what they are missing out on.
Oct     1, 2019
It might be obvious, but working in IT for a place with no documentation, and weekly 16 hour days is fail. So glad that is behind me.
Eighties Hair Band Theme for Halloween this year
Oct     11, 2018
still alive, just busy with life.
Our Daughter, dressed for company Halloween Party 2017
Religion controlling?
Incredible documentary
watch this, seriously.
Oct     11, 2017
it turns out, i am a grumpy old man.
Oct     6, 2017
i never wish for anyone to lose their job, but i think we cut the right strings last week.
Oct     5, 2017
i have the flu.. doug = baby when sick.
Surprisingly good!
Oct     3, 2017
weekends at the start of the week are better than no weekends i guess.