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made with tambooti wood.
some of the pens I've made.
good movie, cool cars
felt said for these folks
Aug     25, 2017
It is finally cooling off in Texas a bit, finally..
what a great cover.
Aug     21, 2017
Ended a nice long weekend with a case of food poisoning, ugh.
Aug     18, 2017
It looks like I may have a four day weekend, fingers crossed.
Aug   12, 2017:
I have just published my collection of linux oneliners, check them out
Aug     12, 2017
I am up far too early (7am) on a workday that starts at 8:30pm.
Aug     9, 2017
spoke to a recruiter today: 'what are you currently making?' sigh..
just watched this again, good movie
Aug     7, 2017
Car passed inspection today, and tags renewed. A good day.
Aug   6, 2017:
This article is absolutely on point!
Aug     6, 2017
nothing quite so sadly comical as a napoleon complex.
good movie, terrible ending.
Aug     3, 2017
better view of the future after having a break, now time to execute!