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Movie night with the family
Sep     22, 2017
Lesson of the day: Authority != Leadership
Oscar for Bogart
Sep     22, 2017
I can count on one hand, the number of bosses I have had, that I would work for again. Is that good, or bad?
Sep     20, 2017
My Mondays, are your Wednesdays, and today I am beat.
Sep     16, 2017
I need to be more like what Humphrey Bogart was like.
terrible movie
Sep     13, 2017
First day on the new shift, it is SO good to be working days again. I want this to be useful work.
Sep     12, 2017
Our Little One turned 7 today, where has the time gone?
Sep     12, 2017
Finally, light at the end of what has been a three month long dark tunnel.
another bad steven king movie
Sep     2, 2017
Tough finding gas, because everyone here panicked and drained all the pumps. sheep.
bad leader vs good leader
Sep     1, 2017
Only a fool trades family for things. I am always amazed when people think otherwise.