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Ansible Tutorial and Playbooks : COMING SOON! A quick tutorial and explanation of Ansible, including example playbooks.


Weather Graphing with DarkSky, Grafana, and InfluxDB : My version of weather collection into Grafana using an InfluxDB data source.


MySQL Troubleshooting: 1062 Duplicate Key Error : A detailed guide to troubleshooting the infamous Error 1062: Duplicate Key Error
Multi-Master MySQL Replication: Why this is a bad idea. : COMING SOON! There are really just a few situations where Multi-Master makes sense, is it right for you?


Linux LVM Cheat Sheet : COMING SOON! My collection of snippets to make working with Logical Volume Management easier.
Linux One liners : My collection of Linux one liners to assist any Admin.
<this is a work in progress>