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When I worked for Rackspace, I was introduced to the Clifton Strenghtsfinder system. I had never heard of it before then, and like many other things I had my doubts. It turns out, at least for me, that this test produced results, that are actually very accurate. I'd encourage anybody who is curious to give this system a look.

So what does this test provide? Well their research determined that all people have 34 unique "strengths" (they don't don't ever say "weaknesses") categorized from your top strength, to you bottom strength. Test results usually just list your top 5 strengths, although you can get all 34 if you pay more. Each strength is viewed as a double-edged sword, there is a benefit to the strength, but also a detriment for each strength. My Clifton Strengths are:


  • Love to learn new things, but typically only want to learn new things they have interest in.
  • Love to teach others what you have mastered, and do it in a unique way.
  • Learner is part of the Strategic Thinking Theme: ie: moving from thought to execution.


  • Need to express, capable of putting complex thoughts into words, images, etc.
  • Can sometimes happen spontaneously, other times takes considerable time to create.
  • Communication is part of the Influencing Theme: ie: selling big ideas, taking charge, meeting goals


  • Measures against excellence, not average. Strive to improve what already exists.
  • Sometimes, only excellence can be considered success. Anything less is failure.
  • Maximizer is part of the Influencing Theme: (described above)


  • Follow through on commitments, taking ownership.
  • Bound to not only fulfill commitments, but to do one's absolute best work in the process.
  • Responsibility is part of the Executing Theme: ie: puting ideas into action.


  • Enjoy working hard, to gain momentum for finishing more and more work.
  • Likes to set goals, create lists, flipside is not greate in unorganized settings.
  • Achiever is part of the Executing Theme: (described above)

As I previously mentioned, for me, this is an accurate description of who I am, your results may vary, but I'd definitely reccomend at least checking this out for yourself.

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