The dream

The dream

I posted something earlier here that talked about my desire to travel, and to find a place further away from the modern world.

Tonight, I found this image on of a map from 1927 that noted potential filming locations in California for movies that would allow for what 'they' considered believable distant lands, all conveniently located just miles apart.

I'm sure that so much has changed in California since 1927 that many of the natural settings the scouts had originally located are now filled with housing and businesses. But that sparked a thought.

Imagine this: You get hired to travel a good part of the world, and in each location you fly to, you may have to find an urban area, or perhaps something in the mountains. You take plenty of photos, video, maybe drone footage. Your mission is to create a library of a place from the perspective of someone who had never been there before. In time, your library grows and at some point the company you work for would say 'Find me Morocco in California.' You'd have your library of media from the time you spent in Morocco, and then you'd just hope in your Overland rig, and drive all through California, looking for that faraway place.

I think I would very much like such a job.