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Life won't wait

I read something online or watched a video, I don't recall, but the thing was, this person wrote a letter to themselves, but the letter was intended to go to themselves as a child. It was an exercise to see what you would say to the child version of yourself, and this whole concept really interested, and interests me.

I thought about this for weeks and every time I convinced myself that I'd write a similar letter, I'd find a reason to avoid it.

Then I started writing it, and it took on a life of its own, it got longer, and longer, and I went back and read through it, and it seemed to be coming from a sad place. Which is not the message, or meaning I wanted to send. I suppose I was just trying to tell the 12-year-old me, that life isn't fair, and that some stuff is going to happen that you'll be sure you can't get through, but you will.

Maybe that's just a sobering thing to say, maybe it's not really sad, but more of a 'Enjoy your childhood dude, live every day of it like it's your last.' because life is gonna come looking for you before too much longer, and life won't wait.

By the way, that's my favorite Rancid album :)