About this site

This website harkens back to an era when people managed their own websites, they didn't depend on gargantuan social media platforms. Before people lived their lives for the Likes. Before people didn't care that they were the products that those companies were selling.

This site, is my infrequent escape and a place to babble without fear of annoying the fact-checkers, and that's not to say that I have fringe opinions, or want to visit chaos onto the world... well.. mostly. It's just nice to have control and the final say in what content appears here.

We all need to manage our online presence, individually, and not become more parasitically connected to billionaire-owned companies, I guess my message is, we can all survive without the Likes, we'll be fine without legions of strangers approving of what we have to say, or the memes we post.

I promise.

We'll be okay.