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Oct     20, 2019
My 9 year old thinks dressing up for Halloween is -for kids-, Kids these days have no idea what they are missing out on.
Oct     1, 2019
It might be obvious, but working in IT for a place with no documentation, and weekly 16 hour days is fail. So glad that is behind me.
Jun     9, 2019
New job starting soon!
Apr     29, 2019
Every year about this time I start threatening to move, and every year I realize how much work that entails.
Mar     10, 2019
The Kubernetes project is temporarily stalled, something weird is happening with the networking portion.
Feb     15, 2019
I have been learning Kubernetes recently, side project will be creating a Kubernetes cluster with several Raspberry Pi's. I WILL post pics s
Feb     15, 2019
I have been making little tweaks to the site, nothing drastic, but I do want to create an option to change the color scheme.
Feb     7, 2019
My FailRecruiters project is done, and gets new entries all the time. I can see this project will help me not waste time dealing with these
Feb     5, 2019
After dealing with a number of terrible recruiters, I decided to create a webapp that keeps track of them. more soon.
Jan     3, 2019
Check out my RadioNerd project, it's listed in the header above
Dec     18, 2018
Between making a pile of Christmas gifts, family, and work, I have basically put this site on the back burner. I will return in 2019.
I make rings too..
Eighties Hair Band Theme for Halloween this year
Oct     11, 2018
still alive, just busy with life.
made with tambooti wood.
some of the pens I've made.
Jul     31, 2018
I've taken nearly every woodshop class at the Makerspace, currently I'm into turning pens!
Jul     6, 2018
I renewed my membership in the local Makerspace, and this time, I'm gonna make stuff!
Jul     3, 2018
Not all change is good, but bad change can light a fire under your butt. This is a good thing.
May     11, 2018
Pixelbook arrived today, much joy ensued.
May     1, 2018
I have a tentative goal for taking the AWS Certified Developer exam by May 15.. I'm still thinkingI'll nail this.
Apr     19, 2018
We had a sendoff party for a friend at work last night. He started the same day I did over 4 years ago, just a few of us left.
Apr     9, 2018
i have been working on a preflight script for a work product, it's up on my github repo now.
good movie, regardless of what critics say.
Mar     30, 2018
first puppet manifests are created and working, now to really dig in and learn.
Mar     11, 2018
it turns out running puppet on pi's is not such a good idea.
Mar     10, 2018
all of my raspberry pi's have become my lab for learning puppet.
Mar     6, 2018
the devil you know, or the devil you don't.. tough question.
Mar     2, 2018
if I hear 'red team' one more time today..
Feb     19, 2018
re: Feb 9 update, I may have spoken too soon.
terrible movie, what happened to Nicolas Cage?
Feb     9, 2018
I am back to doing what I used to do at the same company, which is a GOOD thing!
good comparison of pi vs arduino
Filmed in my hometown, bad movie.
Good movie, based on actual events
Jan     23, 2018
I have Shingles, I would not recommend it to anyone.
Jan     22, 2018
looks like went sideways. gives me reason to code my own wrapper.
Jan     7, 2018
we cancelled our cable tv service about six months ago, no regrets at all.
Jan     1, 2018
a brand new year is here. a year for change i think.
Dec     30, 2017
Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain is probably my favorite television show right now
so apparently *chain replication* is a thing with mysql.
Dec     14, 2017
I cashed out my bitcoin, and three weeks later bought more. I should have held what I had.
Dec     3, 2017
coming soon: ansible tutorial and example playbooks. check the projects link.
Nov     29, 2017
going to the MariaDB roadshow tomorrow, hoping its useful.
Nov     26, 2017
thanksgiving failed, christmas will not share the same fate.
such a good song
Nov     22, 2017
i have been researching possible uses of blockchain technology. this is both a good, and bad thing.
Nov     16, 2017
i have spent the entire day buried in man pages, but finally have percona xtrabackup working on a very finnicky db, yay me!
Nov     8, 2017
better the devil you know than the devil you dont. true or false?
A warning for any future would-be boyfriends.
Our Daughter, dressed for company Halloween Party 2017
Religion controlling?
Incredible documentary
watch this, seriously.
Oct     11, 2017
it turns out, i am a grumpy old man.
Oct     6, 2017
i never wish for anyone to lose their job, but i think we cut the right strings last week.
Oct     5, 2017
i have the flu.. doug = baby when sick.
Surprisingly good!
Oct     3, 2017
weekends at the start of the week are better than no weekends i guess.
Movie night with the family
Sep     22, 2017
Lesson of the day: Authority != Leadership
Oscar for Bogart
Sep     22, 2017
I can count on one hand, the number of bosses I have had, that I would work for again. Is that good, or bad?
Sep     20, 2017
My Mondays, are your Wednesdays, and today I am beat.
Sep     16, 2017
I need to be more like what Humphrey Bogart was like.
terrible movie
Sep     13, 2017
First day on the new shift, it is SO good to be working days again. I want this to be useful work.
Sep     12, 2017
Our Little One turned 7 today, where has the time gone?
Sep     12, 2017
Finally, light at the end of what has been a three month long dark tunnel.
another bad steven king movie
Sep     2, 2017
Tough finding gas, because everyone here panicked and drained all the pumps. sheep.
bad leader vs good leader
Sep     1, 2017
Only a fool trades family for things. I am always amazed when people think otherwise.
good movie, cool cars
felt said for these folks
Aug     25, 2017
It is finally cooling off in Texas a bit, finally..
what a great cover.
Aug     21, 2017
Ended a nice long weekend with a case of food poisoning, ugh.
Aug     18, 2017
It looks like I may have a four day weekend, fingers crossed.
Aug   12, 2017:
I have just published my collection of linux oneliners, check them out
Aug     12, 2017
I am up far too early (7am) on a workday that starts at 8:30pm.
Aug     9, 2017
spoke to a recruiter today: 'what are you currently making?' sigh..
just watched this again, good movie
Aug     7, 2017
Car passed inspection today, and tags renewed. A good day.
Aug   6, 2017:
This article is absolutely on point!
Aug     6, 2017
nothing quite so sadly comical as a napoleon complex.
good movie, terrible ending.
Aug     3, 2017
better view of the future after having a break, now time to execute!
Jul     31, 2017
today is my last day of vacation, which went by very quickly.
six years old, but relevant
a bad, but not terrible zombie movie.
Sandy Lake Amusement Park, July 2017
Padre Island, July 2017
Jul   29, 2017:
Weather Graphing with DarkSky, Grafana & InfluxDB is now completed.
Jul   29, 2017:
MySQL Replication Troubleshooting guide is now complete
no surprises here..
Jul     27, 2017
starting now, I am spending two hours a day learning javascript.
Padre Island, July 2017
unsettling, sometimes hard to watch.
so, so bad.
Jul     23, 2017
fortune cookie reads: Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it.
Great movie!
Jul     21, 2017
we have advanced too far to have bad tools.
terrible ending.