Fuck Facebook

I hate facebook and I always have. I've only ever used it to stay in contact with friends that I live far away from. I hate their nonsense ToS, and their biased 'fact checking' and their obviously woke agenda. I hate their marketplace that's filled with ignorant people that believe their junk is treasure, liberally colored with 'no lowballers' and 'I know what I got' and 'I'm in no hurry to sell' nonsense.

Have I mentioned, I hate facebook?

I have seven friends on facebook, and I'd like to stay in contact with all of them, but where else would I do that, that wasn't another big tech company? They are -all- evil.

So today, I may have gotten banned from facebook, or maybe their site is just broken, but I'm taking it as a sign, it's time for me to finally cut the cord. I'm going to be disappointed that I can't login a last time and tell them that I'm done, but I think they all know how I feel about facebook, so if I can't ever login again to say goodbye, I think they'll have figured it out.

Big tech is dangerous, and I won't go into a tirade while explaining why I feel that way, but the only way to make them go away, is to stop smoking their crack. Today, I stopped smoking the facebook crack.