Waiting Pt. 2

As per my last post, I've been waiting to hear the results of some medical tests, and the process took about a month and a half. I spend way too much money on insurance premiums to have had to spend several thousands of dollars out of my pocket on multiple blood tests, an ultrasound, an EKG, and then a bone marrow biopsy to get the news that I was already convinced that I'd hear.

So here I am, and I suppose I'm luckier than I was expecting, no, that's not accurate. I'm VERY much luckier than I was expecting to be. I can't help but recall how I've owned cars in the past that I really enjoying owning, but then something would go wrong, I'd spend a bunch of money to get them fixed, and then almost immediately something else would go wrong, until the car wouldn't be worth investing any more money into.

I sort of feel like that now.

Tomorrow is another day, and I'll keep doing what I do.